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Trainbus is the #1 leader in providing urban-road trains services in Europe for the past 28 years and has now expanded to the USA. Our base is in Miami, FL. We are bringing our unique vehicles to all parts of the USA.

Our fun, innovated vehicles never stop turning people’s heads as they pass by. Supplying solutions for tourist sites is our specialty. May it be from theme parks to city centers our trains are an excellent new alternative to solve your transport needs.

Each train has a multiple of options to customize for each and every client’s needs. From colors, accessories, models etc. They are manufactured in Italy at the prestigious plant “Dotto Trains” bringing you Italian’s highest quality. As the trains are running at reduced speeds and they use four wheel steering, accessing even the most difficult areas is no problem. The easy-on and easy-off access for passengers enables for quick turnovers and flow of routes. The passenger capacity is from 25 to 75 at one time!

Muson River

Our company does not just bring you the vehicles but the service needed to make your projects profitable. Our team assists to develop transport networking systems and technical assistance, such as maintenance of vehicles and changing of pieces

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Safety and comfort is a standard in our designs.